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Electrical professionals, key players of energy transition

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In order to understand the energy efficiency sector and its future evolution, who better to ask than those who deal with such issues on a day-to-day basis? Here is an insight into how electrical contractors perceive their trade and how it can be affected by the global trend towards energy efficiency.

Electrical professionals move progressively and confidently towards energy efficiency era

Most electrical contractors think that energy efficiency is a promising sector, as 85% of them would recommend any young professional to embrace this activity. The survey stresses that consumer appeal is a significant incentive for electrical professionals to offer energy efficiency products. To the following question “Why are you moving towards offering energy efficiency products”, the vast majority of respondents say they are trying to meet demand from regular clients. In order to gain credibility, some of them decided to go through specific training programmes. Half of them completed vocational training on energy efficiency and 30% got a certification. Americans appear to be way ahead of their European counterparts, as 76% of them went through training, compared with 34% for French and British professionals. The same goes with certifications: 75% of American respondents have got one, whereas only 16% of Europeans have. In France, although government certifications are widely known, few professionals use them (see for instance the Qualifelec and Qualisol certifications).

Optimistic outlook on the energy efficiency market

An overwhelming 84% of electrical contractors think their good position on the energy efficiency market enables them to face competition. 50% of them think so because their clients show interest in energy efficiency solutions and 45% of them because they completed adequate training. The 13% of respondents who see themselves as poorly positioned on the market think it is because energy efficiency is a niche for specialists only.

As far as international competition is concerned, 45% of respondents consider their country is ahead in the global race for energy efficiency, while 32% think it is lagging behind. Germany, closely followed by the United States, is characterized by an extremely high confidence level: 79% of German respondents see their country as the global leader in energy efficiency solutions. At the other end of the spectrum, only 7% of those surveyed in France think their country is leading the race. Electrical professionals who consider their country is behind see the high prices of energy efficiency goods and services as the first obstacle to their success (71% of French respondents say so).

Electricians’ expertise recognized by clients

Electricians and electrical fitters are acknowledged as legitimate players in the sector. 92% of them say their clients see them as energy efficiency experts, although they mostly request conventional jobs.

70% of respondent wish for more affordable products and solutions to strengthen their expertise. Many professionals (64%) also say they need to be able to explain clearly to their clients what energy efficiency is about, especially how it is done and what good it does.

As a whole, professionals agree that the energy efficiency market is a particularly demanding one. On the other hand, once you get on it, it is possible to develop a strategic competitive advantage, as the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) stressed in a recent report. Therefore, professionals should not miss an opportunity to position themselves on this emerging market.

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