• EnerGaïa, International Fair for Renewable Energy, 4 to 6 December 2013, Montpellier, France

The International Fair for Renewable Energy will feature exhibitions, conferences, technology showcases and business meeting sessions as well as an award ceremony for players in the renewables market from France, Europe and the Mediterranean.

The MacroTrend Conference will bring together policy makers, researchers, investors and various organizations and business leaders in the energy sector. It will cover several topics, such as energy policy, energy economics, energy production and consumption, alternative energy sources, technical innovation, sustainable development and environment.

  • 3rd International Conference on Clean and Green Energy-ICCGE 2014, 19-21 February 2014, Singapore, Singapore

The conference’s chief purpose is to promote research and activity in the clean /green energy sector. It will be a forum for researchers, developers, engineers, students and businesses to share their experience and ideas.

This conference will allow researchers, engineers and industry leaders to introduce consumers to their latest works and discoveries on renewable energy sources, sustainable development, energy storage and management, smart grids, smart metres and related issues.

This event aims to bring together researchers, designers, developers and businesses interested in the latest advances in smart grids, green information and communication technologies, sustainable development and energy efficiency systems and technologies.

Under the patronage of the French ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transport, housing and energy, Thetis MRE will bring together worldwide marine renewable energy players. It will be an opportunity for them to discover the opportunities of the French market, to meet future clients, to share their skills and experience with future partners and to learn about the current state of the art in the field of marine renewable energy.

Gathering players in the energy and IT sectors, this conference will deal with a range of topics, including smart grid architecture and simulation, smart grid software, cyber infrastructure and security, green computation, energy efficiency and related issues.

The 2014 Smart Grid Summit will enable prominent European experts on energy distribution networks, investors and regulators to share their views on immediate challenges and smart-grid-related projects.

  • International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2014), 7-8 May 2014, Paris, France

The conference’s goal is to promote environment-friendly renewable energy sources and to foster the foundation of theoretical bases for their development, installation and use. It also aims to facilitate the exchange of new ideas between scientists and players in the energy sector.

The conference will cover every field of the renewables industry. Its purpose is to enable participants to reflect on the challenges faced by the sector. A whole host of themes will be covered: offshore wind turbines, bioenergy fuels (biogas, energy from waste), energy efficiency, energy storage, hydropower, nuclear energy, sustainable transportation…

  • International Conference on Clean Energy 2014 (ICCE-2014), 8-12 June 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

In order to foster discussion on clean energy, this conference will cover a wide range of topics, including wind, solar and hydropower, nuclear energy and technology, energy wastage, fossil fuels, carbon tax, sustainable development, energy management, international cooperation and technology exchange.

The first half of the event will be devoted to the European Commission’s “Energy Roadmap 2050” and environmental challenges, while the second half will deal, among other things, on the efficient use of energy in buildings. Other issues will be discussed, such as geopolitics of energy in emerging countries and regulation of the energy market.

This conference will bring together various experts (researchers, engineers, etc.) who will share their reflections on the future of energy, with a focus on renewable sources. It will cover a series of topics related to sustainable energy production, storage, management and distribution.

The CERES conference will bring together upwards of 600 participants (businesses, investors, NGOs…) in an endeavour to lay the foundation for a sustainable global economy. Four main topics will covered: climate change, energy, water and supply chain.

  • 37th IAEE (International Association for Energy Economics) International Conference, 15-18 June 2014, New York, United States

This conference will attempt to answer major questions related to economic growth and energy, for instance: can energy development stimulate economic growth? What legislative and political framework could maximize the impact of energy on growth while encouraging the development of sustainable energy sources? Other topics will be addressed, such as climate change or the increase in global energy demand.

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